Covid 19 Vaccine Certificate Download Online, Different Ways to Get Vaccination Cert

Covid 19 vaccine Certificate can download through Arogya Setu app and CoWin too. It’s up to the beneficiary through which means they have to download their Covid-19 Vaccine certificate. This certificate is as important as getting vaccinated. In the forecast of pandemic, the third wave of Coronavirus is close to hitting the world and has reached some parts of the World. In these dire situations, you must be vaccinated and you must have the vaccine certificate or letter after that. Now here we will go to discuss that why the Covid-19 Vaccine certificate is important? as well as Different ways to download the Vaccine Certificate. Some beneficiaries were caught in duplicate vaccine certificates.


  • Covid-19 Vaccination certificate is mandatory.
  • Cowin and arogya setu app can help you in getting certificate of Covid-19
  • Offline procedure to get Covid-19 certificate is to pursue Covid-19 vaccination center.

Covid Vaccine Certificate Download

You can either get your Covid-19 Vaccine certificate from the arogya setu app or Cowin website. Apparently, there are many other options from which you can download the Covid-19 Vaccine certificate. First of all, what is Covid-19 vaccination certificate? it is digital documentation that should be acquired by the beneficiary after they are vaccinated. In this certificate, you have all the details from Aadhaar number to which vaccine you have taken. On which date you have taken the vaccine etc.

Name of the articleCovid -19 vaccination certificate
Why covid Vaccine Certificate is importantIt is important to be as proof that you are vaccinated
Is certificate available online or offlineIn both ways it is available
What details are required to download the vaccination certificateYou need to have Aadhaar card or any government authorized Id card.
HelpLine number011-23978046Toll free -1075

Different ways to download vaccine certificate

Different ways to download vaccine certificate is through Umang App, arogya Setu app, Cowin, whatsapp etc. These all options are safe and you can easily download your certificate of Covid-19 Vaccination through all these app and websites.

Through Umang App and Arogya Setu App: You need to first make an account on Umang App and arogya setu app. Candidates just right after that surf it for downloading the vaccine certificate. Also please keep in mind that only after getting vaccinated you will be getting the certificate of Covid-19 vaccine.

Through Whatsapp and other means: The chatbot of MyGov Corona will help you to download the Covid-19 Vaccine certificate. Now in less than 10 minutes, you will get your vaccination certificate. This chatbot was introduced in March 2020 for the queries regarding Covid-19.

How to download Covid-19 Vaccine certificate online?

The steps to download Covid-19 vaccine Certificate Online are different with every platform. Here we are giving steps of how you can download Covid-19 Vaccination certificate can be downloaded from Cowin. As this website is the most reliable of all and the most percentage is using this platform only.

  1. To download Covid-19 Vaccination certificate you need to visit:
  2. You simply need to Log In after that by adding the details.
  3. When you will enter the dashboard of your account, you need to search for the certificate.
  4. The option will be placed somewhat there only.
  5. It is ready to download for further uses.

FAQs regarding Covid-19 Certificate

Why do I need a vaccination certificate?

You will need it for domestic and international flights. To travel from one city to another. It is a type of proof that you are vaccinated.

From where can I download my Covid-19 Vaccination certificate?

You can download it from Cowin, Arogya Setu, DigiLocker, Umang App, and much more.

Is it safe to download Vaccine Certificate from Umang App and Digi Locker?

Yes, it is as safe as to download the certificate from Cowin Portal.

What documents will be needed for vaccination?

The appointment slip and Aadhaar card.

What are the main details we have to look at in the vaccination certificate to check?

Mainly your name, age, slot number, vaccine name, etc.

Can I make changes to the spelling mistakes within the certificate?

Of course, you can make changes if there are any spelling mistakes.

I have not done online registration for vaccination, will I get the vaccine certificate?

Yes, there is no link between getting the online registration done for the slot and downloading the vaccine certificate.

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