Microsoft Windows 11 Installation, Download in India, How to Upgrade

Microsoft Windows 11 has been finally ready to get downloaded online in India. All the system requirements needed to download Windows 11 have been described in this article. Many of you who are not aware of the latest iteration should read the article to know Windows 11 Installation. Here are some facts about Windows 11 download and release in India which we all should know.

Highlights: Windows 11 can be download by every windows user. Not all Windows 10 users will be able to download Windows 11. Microsoft Win 11 has been finally released in India.

Windows 11 Installation

With the new interface, taskbar and many other detailing Windows 11 has been launched globally. Also now in India too. Many big shot brands like Lenovo, HP, Asus, Acer, Dell have announced Windows 11 equipped laptops in the market to hit soon. Also who are using Windows already will get the notification from the Windows soon of the Windows 11 installation and upgrade. If your PC is already compatible with Windows 11 you have nothing to worry about.

Steps for the installation of Microsoft Windows 11:

  • Go to the page windows 11 download page.
  • Click on the option download now.
  • Just right after that follow the instructions.
  • As you will proceed you will see create windows 11 installation media option.
  • You can download ISO image for virtual machine or any bootable  media.

Summary of Windows 11 Download in India

Check out this table for a small recap of the Windows 11 release in India. On October 5, Microsoft Corporation released Windows 11 in India available for download.

Name of the WindowsWindows 11
Officially available to get downloadOn October 5, 2021
System requirements1 GHz or faster processor, RAM 4 GB, storage around 64 GB (basic requirements)
Space4.54 GB ISO File
News updateA few months back Windows 11 features got leaked on the internet. After that day

How to Get Windows 11 in PC

On October 5, Microsoft Windows 11 get announced in India. After the announcement, you will soon get the notification on your windows for the update or switch up to Windows 11. Till then you can visit the official web portal for more details. Microsoft Windows 11 Download in India is now available on the official web portal of Microsoft Corporation. Those who intend to download ISO File need to check the below details about the article. Get Windows 11 on PC, has been made easy by Microsoft as if your PC has all the system requirements then it is automatically eligible for Windows 11.

How to upgrade to Windows 11?

Here are steps to upgrade to Windows 11 on PC. New devices and devices with Windows 10 will be getting windows 11 upgrade free. Also while an upgrade to windows 11 is specific to follow on-screen prompts on the official website.

  1. First go to the Microsoft website
  2. Then get a Microsoft PC health check up.
  3. After that tap on the install button.
  4. Follow the proceeding instructions after that.

FAQ’s for Windows 11 India

What are Windows 11 system requirements?

Some basics are already mentioned above in the article. Other than that TPM 2.0 is needed, High definition display 720p, the device should be compatible with DirectX in terms of graphics. You should also learn more about S mode before installing Windows 11.

How can I get full information about Windows 11 Installation Online Free?

You can check Microsoft Windows 11 Installation Assistant.

Do Windows 11 also need multi-touch requirements?

Yes. It requires either a monitor or a screen that should be equipped with multi-touch.

What do you mean by Wi-Fi 6E in windows 11 system requirements?

You will need a Wi-Fi 6E adaptor as internet connections will have a major role in windows 11 this time. Also, your adaptor should support WDDM.

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